What others say about the care we provide can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Baltimore Pain Relief Center's patient testimonials below and please contact the office at (443) 725-4930 if you have any questions.

Years of cervical pain (even after surgery) have been significantly reduced thanks to the knowledgeable and caring treatment given by Baltimore Pain Relief Center. The offer of a free initial visit in 12/11 introduced me to the professional and gifted hands that provide a great arsenal of therapies. From initial contact plus history and labwork from Cher, facet injections by John, chiropractic from Julian, and trigger point injections (TPI) by Pete’s gifted hands, each and every person has shown their commitment to care for each and every patient. My pain level on first visits was 9+ and now ranges from 1 to -5 (on my worst days). Keep up the good work guys.  love what you’ve done for me!

-Deborra  W.

My ability to walk without pain has also greatly improved!

Just this past Thanksgiving, I was diagnosed by MRI and X-ray with two compressed discs in my low back. After five weeks of spinal decompression treatment at Baltimore Pain Relief, I have experienced tremendous improvement. The pain has been greatly reduced. My ability to walk without pain has also greatly improved

– Clair A. Phillips
Retired Teacher
Age 68

I have minimal to no lower back pain!

I’ve been coming to Baltimore Pain Relief for a month. I came in with severe lower back pain. After doing the decompression machine for a month or so, three times a week, I have minimal to no pain. I highly recommend this machine.  Baltimore Pain Relief is a great and professional practice. I highly recommend!

-Rachel Seaboch
Stay Home Mom
Age 42

Everyone at Baltimore Pain Relief is caring!

Free exam brought me in. They found 2 compressed disks. What I thought was just stress tension was a disk problem. Everyone here at Baltimore Pain Relief is very caring. I like it here so much that I brought my daughter here. After work, to come and do the routing relieves tensions and makes you feel good.

– Jyliana Richardson
Pricing Specialist
Age: 56

My neck pain has diminished!

I came in to Baltimore Pain Relief for joint pain due to chemotherapy and radiation. After I began treatment after consult I noticed results right away within that week. I am able to exercise now which I wasn’t able to do prior. My neck pain has diminished substantially which helps with my overall well being.
The neuropathy in my hands and feet have diminished due to the chiropractic care.

– Kelly Marinelli
Age: 34

Baltimore Pain Relief helped to alleviate my joint pain!

1) Discovered site in newspaper. Jointly discussed with my husband and agreed to try the offered consultation.
2) Was suffering from arthritic conditions, back, shoulder, and joint pains as a result of past surgeries and diagnosed disk deterioration that restricted mobility. Had difficulty walking, doing normal chores and daily routine procedures.
3) Following several weeks of treatment have noticed less back pain, increased mobility and improved walking. Left shoulder remains a problem.
4) Would recommend to anyone having the same symptoms that they avail themselves of the same consultation and evaluation for possible treatment.

-Jewel Whiteley
Age: 82

I have little or no pain at all!

When I was referred to Baltimore Pain Relief, for months I was unable to lay flat on the floor, or bend over without a stabbing pain which cut my breath off. Within a week and a half of treatment, my symptoms improved week after week, and now I have little to no pain at all. And during treatments there was no pain caused, but treatment actually took previous pain away. Now with a little weight loss I am back to being nearly 100% and feeling great. I would recommend anyone with back problems to come to Baltimore Pain Relief for treatment.

-Robert Wilson
Bakery Production Manager
Age: 41

Fibromyalgia and Acid Reflux!

I had been suffering from Fibromyalgia and Acid Reflux with no relief. Before starting care with Dr. Gober, I had tried nerve block injections, steroids, muscle relaxers, therapy and heart burn medications, nothing helped.  Since starting care with Dr. Gober, I have had great results. My problems have been reduced one-hundred percent and I feel very comfortable with him.  I will continue maintenance care with Dr. Gober and I recommend him to others for care all of the time.

– Ruth K.

My lower back pain is gone!

You have to know how I started before you can appreciate the difference. I had lower back pain constantly. Standing, sitting, or laying down it felt like a knife sticking in the center of my lower back. I was taking medicine three times a day to help with the pain. My leg would give out on me at times and the pain would bring tears to my eyes. I had put off doing things, waiting for the times I would hurt less.
After the first treatment, I felt better. The pain was there, but not as severe. Now, the pain is gone most of the time. My legs have not given out and no more tears in my eyes since I began treatment. Since the first week of treatment, I have rarely taken pain medications. The office staff and doctors at Baltimore Pain Relief have been great. Not only does my back feel better, my neck turns and moves further than I can remember. I thank the staff at Baltimore Pain Relief for using your God-given talents to help me feel better.

-Ken F.

Hip Replacement Prevented!

I had already gone through two knee replacements and one hip replacement. I was told by a surgeon I needed the other hip replaced. I started having the same symptoms, but felt that another time under the knife might be my last.
My closest friend had been bugging me for a couple years to go to Baltimore Pain Relief, but I ignored her.
After a long delay, I finally gave made an appointment, and began treatment. Since beginning with them, my whole body is much better. I canceled my surgery after only two months of seeing Dr. Gober.  The staff are very friendly as well, and I am always greeted with a smile.

-Lee Taylor