Please Welcome Dr. Eric Finkelstein, M.D. to the Baltimore Pain Relief Center

Dr Eric Finkelstein jpins the Baltimroe Pain Relief CenterDr. Eric Finkelstein’s background is in both Neurosurgery and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He completed his Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residency at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia, PA. Following that, Dr. Finkelstein enhanced his training by completing an interventional spine and pain management fellowship at Integrated Pain Management in Concord, CA. Through this training, Dr. Finkelstein broadened his knowledge and skill set of pain resolution options.

Before joining Baltimore Pain Relief Center, Dr. Finkelstein was performing spinal injections and a variety of other pain management treatments in Pennsylvania. He has significant experience in treating all kinds of spine related pain, as well pain originating from locations outside the spine- including musculoskeletal sources. Dr. Finkelstein is well versed in numerous techniques for managing pain. This allows Dr. Finkelstein to work with patients, as individuals, to put into action the best personalized strategy of treatment and give the patient the best opportunity to live free of pain.

Dr. Finkelstein grew up in Western New York. He currently lives with his wife and 2 children. He is active in his community, enjoys traveling, and spending time with his family. He also likes doing projects with his hands including building models.

Dr. Finkelstein looks forward to working with you as an individual, to help determine how together you can achieve your goals!

Please Welcome Dr Juan C. Rodriguez Alfonso M.D. to the Baltimore Pain Relief Center

Welcome our newest Doctor, Juan C. Rodriguez Alfonso M.D.Dr. Juan Rodriguez performed his Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residency training at New York Medical College in Manhattan, New York where he was elected Chief Resident during his senior year. In 2013 and 2014 he was awarded the Joji Sakuma, MD award in honor of Dr. Sakuma’s years of service as a distinguished clinician and teacher in the department of physical medicine and rehabilitation.

During his residency training, he developed a special interest in spine disorders and musculoskeletal injuries and underwent additional training, completing an interventional spine and pain management fellowship at OrthoCarolina in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Dr. Rodriguez speaks fluent Spanish and has been a medical advocate to the Hispanic community helping them with spine and musculoskeletal medical problems.

Dr. Rodriguez is a sports fan. His happy place is the beach and he loves music and spending time with his family.

Experience A Pain-free Life Everyone should be able to enjoy a life free from pain. If you have been injured or experience any number of maladies such as chronic neck or back pain – we can help. At Baltimore Pain Relief, we strive to help our patients feel better than ever. At our pain management clinics, our treatments include neck pain relief, back pain management, injured knee treatments and much more.

Professional, Experienced Care Our unique model for providing patients with the highest quality of care possible involves two important components:

  • We utilize the most current technology and treatment protocols
  • Every patient receives direct care from our team of doctors, each with different specialties for treating their condition.

Our technology and treatment protocols are designed specifically for patients with severe back, neck, disc, leg and hip pain. Many patients we successfully treat have been suffering with their condition for years, even after trying several different forms of therapy. If not diagnosed and treated early enough, many of these conditions lead to corrective surgeries.

Lasting Back Pain Relief & Management The reason why most chronic pain sufferers still have their symptoms after so many years is because they either received no treatment at all, or the treatment they received was not designed to provide long-term stability and correction. At Baltimore Pain Relief, we are dedicated to finding you a lasting, and effective form of relief. Our back pain management and relief treatments, natural knee injections, and neck pain relief treatments are designed to ensure that your quality of life improves.

Pain Relief Center If we are able to accept you as a patient at our state-of-the-art pain relief center, you can feel confident that our team of doctors will be working together on your case to identify and address the root cause of your condition. In doing so, long-term stability can be achieved and future surgery can be avoided. To find out if you are a candidate for our non surgical procedures and treatment protocols for neck pain relief or back pain relief, we invite you to schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable doctors. The staff at our pain management clinics are friendly, and dedicated to helping you find the relief you need. We look forward to improving the long-term quality of your life, or as we say here,
Experience Life After Pain!